#TEAM ANIC  - Front design
#TEAM ANIC  - Front design
#TEAM ANIC  - Front design
#TEAM ANIC  - Front design

#TEAM ANIC - Front design

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Dan Power Art

ANIC worked with local artist Dan Power to create a shirt design that represents the awesome research going on within the research centre. 

The design features a psychadelic hexagonal hexapod mandala, featuring the main Insect groups currently being studied by ANIC research groups:

  • Velvet Ants (Ephutomorpha sp. (female))
  • Horse Flies (Plinthina beyonceae)
  • Soldier Flies (Hermetia hauserii) 
  • Moths (Coscinocera hercules) 
  • Longhorn Beetles (Rhytiphora saundersii(?))
  • Weevils : (Eurhamphus fasciculatus
  • Nematodes

Dan’s work is fueled by his insatiable curiosity and affinity for nature, informed and fed by an academic background in evolutionary biology. His work draws from anatomy, zoology and botany to render animals, biomes and oddments of nature in fractal detail in a surreal, modern take on natural history illustration. Dan seeks to convey the stunning beauty and intricacy of nature through highly detailed pen-and-ink drawings, and vibrant, variegated watercolours. Carving organisms out of ecosystems and ecosystems out of organisms, he explores the diversity of natural form, the harmony of biological systems and the narrative of life.

As a Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize winner and all round creative genius, Shirty Science and ANIC are so honoured to have worked with Dan to create such a wonderful designs. 



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