Welcome to our first Shirty Science Change Maker

Welcome to our first Shirty Science Change Maker

When I am not making science shirts I work in diversity and inclusion. I love colliding worlds and collaboration, so was pretty keen to find a way for Shirty Science to help increase the visibility of minority voices across science and art.

To date this has been showcased in who we select to be apart of the Shirty Science process and also by donating our profits to organisations that support diversity such as Deadly Science

I knew I could probably be a little bit more fun and creative in my approach, so that is where the Shirty Science Change Maker process was born. 

It is a pretty simple idea,

  1. We reach out to an awesome organisation that is supporting a minority group in STEMM.
  2. We connect the organisation with one of our artists. They work together to create a shirt design.
  3. We sell the final shirt design online and give all profits back to the organisation.
  4. More people learn about the organisation and the great work it is doing.

So when Melina, Founder of Franklin Women reached out to see how things were going with Shirty Science, I knew instantly that they would be the first Shirty Science Change Maker. 

I am a big fan of Melina and the Franklin Women team. They have incredible drive and passion, plus provide women in health and medical research a voice and tools to stay and progress in their careers.

On Tuesday 4th April we will launch the fabulous design Becski (of Galactic Blooms fame) has created. It is bound to create a wealth of terrific conversations about the work of Franklin Women and the role we all play in supporting a health and medical research sector where women thrive.

Till then be sure to vist Franklin Women and Becski websites. 

I will be keeping an eye out for our next Change Maker later this year, so if you are interested please say hello.