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Beyond the Stars

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Beyond the Stars is an attempt to connect the vast scales involved in the study of galaxy evolution- from galaxies to planets to mountains on Earth. It is also a tribute to the indigenous ancient knowledge of astronomy and its connection to the modern astronomer as she unveils the secrets of the Universe on her journey to reach beyond stars.


Aditi is a proud astronomer who studies how galaxies evolve. Though over human lifetimes galaxies appear to be static and unchanging, over hundreds of millions of years their composition and nature are altered by processes that operate over massive physical scales. Eventually, the evolution of a galaxy, such as the Milky Way, shapes the distribution and characteristics of its stars which in turn affects the nature of tiny rocks that float around, aka planets one of which is the well-known Earth. By studying galaxy evolution astrophysicists try to find out exactly how the physical processes affecting galaxy-scale objects operate. The design of the t-shirt attempts to link the vast scales involved in this problem- from galaxies, stars, planets and moons on one end - to the human scales of mountains, lakes and meteors which are an inevitable result of such processes. The t-shirt is also an ode to the long history of astronomy- one that binds ancient seafarers, guided by the constellations across oceans, to the modern ones, like Aditi, who use computer simulations to unravel the mysteries of the Universe.



Nungheena is a lover of all things nerdy and arty, and through the wonderful world of astrophysics, she explored the best of both worlds! Space has always been something Nungheena has loved to capture, either through the lens of a camera or in the digital art space. She wanted to capture the wonder of it all, both the mythology and the reality. Through mixed mediums, she was able to portray the history of storytelling that is a part of so many cultures. Nungheena wanted to show the various perspectives on space, both scientific and mythic.


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Beyond the Stars
Beyond the Stars
Beyond the Stars

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