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Spider Wasp Milk

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Spider Wasp Milk illustrates how the the venom Spider Wasps use to paralyse spiders, in order to use spiders bodies as a warm safe spot for their eggs, could hold some answers for Alzheimer's and epilepsy treatment.

Juanita works with a group of wasps commonly known as spider wasps. In the wasp life cycle, the female will hunt a spider, sting and paralyse it and then lay an egg on it. When the egg hatches the larva eats the spider alive, but paralised. The venom from these wasps is a cocktail of hundreds of molecules, some of which could be used to treat conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

There are hundreds of undiscovered species of spider wasp in Australia and with them hundreds of compounds are also unknown. I am interested in uncovering the biological, genomic and chemical diversity of such an interesting group.



Spider Wasp use their venom to paralyse spiders, using the spiders bodies as a warm safe spot for their eggs. With further research Spider Wasp milk could hold some answers for Alzheimer's and epilepsy treatment.


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Spider Wasp Milk
Spider Wasp Milk
Spider Wasp Milk
Spider Wasp Milk
Spider Wasp Milk

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