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Team Quasar

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Team Quasar celebrates one of the biggest objects in the universe, super massive black holes (aka quasars) and how we detect them using a method similar to bats echolocation.

Nat studies quasars; supermassive blackholes at the hearts of distant galaxies. Although these black holes can be the size of our entire Solar System, they are so far away that we can’t see them properly through telescopes. Nat studies the echoes these black holes create when gulping down stars and gas clouds, and just like a bat using echo location to capture its prey, she uses the echoes to map the surroundings of the black holes.



Super massive black holes can really be one of the brightest objects in the universe, believe it or not. Though challenging to locate, and being miniscule in distance, the light these inescapable devourers emit provides an indication as to where it is occupied. Like a bat gathers information by echolocation, to detect and locate surrounding objects, a similar method is used to identify black holes. Information can be gathered by tracing back through the emanating jets and additional light production to the source of it all.


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Team Quasar
Team Quasar
Team Quasar
Team Quasar
Team Quasar

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